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Parade magazine's country artists to watch

Parade Magazine's "Country Artists to Watch" featured Sarah Darling as star to keep an eye out for with her latest album "Dream Country." The feature includes Sarah's live video for Please Please Give Me What I Want. 


Cowboys and Indians INTERVIEW FEATURE

Country artist Sarah Darling dishes about her upcoming album, Dream Country, and gives an exclusive look at the new music video for “Where Cowboys Ride.”



Sarah opens up about her latest album in her talk with Taste of Country.“I didn’t know who I was making it for, I just know that I had to do it for me,” Darling admits of Dream Country."  Click the link below to see what else she has to say!


This is the latest interview feature  sat down with Sarah to talk about her newest album release of "Dream Country" and other singles. Sarah gives insight into the creation of the music that produced standout tracks such as "Halley's Comet" and "Dream Country"

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dream country album release

Sarah Darling's long-awaited album 'Dream Country' released February 10th on digital and physical platforms. Fans lucky enough to pre-order the album received a signed copy courtesy of Sarah. Click the link below to listen to 'Dream Country' in full. 




cmt debut of where cowboys ride

Sarah debuts her cinematic music video of 'Where Cowboys Ride' on CMT the same day as her 'Dream Country' album release. Click the link below to see why CMT says Where Cowboys Ride "looks like something out of a dream."


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dream country premiere on popdust

Sarah Darling surprises fans by premiering 'Dream Country' on a day ahead of the release. Popdust wrote said about the album "Dream Country, which witnesses a thoughtful songwriter and robust vocalist finally finding her spotlight." Click the link below to read more and listen. 



behind the scenes of Where cowboys ride offers a behind the scenes look of Sarah's upcoming music video, 'Where Cowboys Ride.' The video was filmed in Wyoming, with the sprawling landscapes of cowboy country a key part of the feature. Click below to see the images. 



where cowboys ride premiere on the boot

Sarah Darling premiere's her standout song 'Where Cowboys Ride' ahead of the release of her upcoming album 'Dream Country.' Sarah releases her new album Friday, February 10th along with the music video for 'Where Cowboys Ride.'


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sarah darling's interview with foodager

In her conversation with The Foodager, Sarah talks to about her new album, her inspirations, what drives her to write music, and her love for baking. See what she has in store for her latest album 'Dream Country' and future music by clicking the link below.




See the Halley's Comet music video featured on Sarah Darling's newest album 'Dream Country' debuts online February 10th. Click below to find out more about the feature 



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Halley's comet huffington post premiere

The long awaited release of the Halley's Comet music video is finally here. Huffington Post debuts Sarah's latest video describing it "as another in a series of bright, shining moments for the humble but talented singer-songwriter."


HALLEY'S COMET Direct lyrics Giveaway

Sarah Darling has yet another surprise in the wake of her upcoming release of "Dream Country". Fans can sign up for the chance to win handwritten lyrics of her single "Halley's Comet" on Click below to find out how to enter.